The heart and soul of our community center and club is the celebration of life here in the little town that time forgot, Jenner by the Sea.  The club and the center are dedicated to you, fellow Jennerites. To your happiest birthday party or to the loving celebration of the passing of a soul mate.  The town comes together here at the Jenner Community Center.

The Jenner community has a storied history of coastal conservation dating back to the 1960s, when the entire Russian River mouth area was threatened with massive dredging and full scale development of the hillsides surrounding the basin.  The beautiful landscapes that surround Jenner now are the result of great labors which continue to this day.

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Jenner Community Center

Living in this place of great beauty and diversity also means we have a great responsibility to our wild neighbors.  Two of those neighbors are our wonderful Harbor Seal colony, also our once abundant but now highly endangered Coho salmon, and Steelhead trout. The Jenner lagoon plays an important role in the protection of both salmonid and pinniped neighbors.

The club was and is deeply involved with the restoration of the woodlands and watersheds which surround Jenner. The Rule Ranch, roughly 6,000 acres which mostly surrounds Jenner, has been purchased by Sonoma Land Trust and managed by The Wildlands Conservancy  which will keep it undeveloped for perpetuity.



Promoting and protecting the well-being of our community