The primary mission of the community center is to build participation, serve and facilitate community in the unique and wonderful town of Jenner.  We love watching the laughter and joy when the town comes together for our organized social events. With the outdoor music stage as well as the indoor theatre-style seating,  we hope to hold more musical events in the future.  We are particularly excited about our future plans to improve the community center with an outdoor patio and lighting, windows, new appliances and more. 

Most importantly, we would love to get your constructive feedback on how we are doing.  You can email the board at and also let us know what great ideas you have and how you might help.  Naturally, we welcome all donations to help sustain and improve the center so that we can continue to best serve the community.

Elizabeth Gallagher - Treasurer - Born in 1953 in Concord, CA, I was the 5th of 13 children. As a teenager, I had a poster over my bed of this beautiful place with a raging creek, ferns, boulders, and redwoods. In 1983, I discovered Jenner on a trip up the coast and saw almost exactly the same view as my poster and never left. Nearly seven months after moving here, I was president of the JCC. I am currently the alternative rep for the Sonoma County Coast Municipal Advisory Council (M.A.C.).

Gregory Keim - Board Member-at-Large- I am the Manager & Partner of Tasting By The Sea Wine Bar here in Jenner. I relocated from Los Angeles in August of 2016. The first time that I came to Jenner, I knew I was destined to live here. It's one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and I love being a part of the Jenner community with my wife and our dog and cat. I am very dedicated to preserving the integrity and heritage of the Jenner community, as well as defending the coast against any environmental desecration and bringing awareness to others.

Cal Ares - President - I have been a Jenner resident since 1994 and a member of the JCC board for six years. I raised my two wonderful daughters here in Jenner who are now 24 and 33 years old. I have a B.A. in Environmental Studies and a M.A. in Marriage & Family Counseling. I am also the Jenner representative for the Sonoma County Coast M.A.C. - Municipal Advisory Council. 

​​James Inciardi - Board Member-at-Large- Board member for 5 years. ... River's End Stage, etc, so many projects!! Always more on the list.

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Michelle K. Irwin - Vice President -  "Not a native of West County, but I got here as quick as I could!!" Originally from the East Coast, I have lived in  Jenner since 2001 and on the JCC board for over 10  years & liason board member to the Friends of the Jenner Creek Committee.  Delighted to share volunteer time with neighbors, for fun, service,  tradition and  environmental preservation.  A mother, and career educator spanning the age groups of pre-K  to MA candidates, I earned my MA degree in Technology Ed, presently working as arts instructor & free-lance artist. 

Jenner Community Center


Cal Ares                                      President
Michelle Irwin                   Vice President
Elizabeth Gallagher                  Treasurer
Jaime O'Bryan        Recording Secretary
Gregory  Keim             Member-at-Large
James Inciardi             Member-at-Large

Elinor Twohy                              Historian

Jaime O'Bryan - Recording Secretary-  I have lived permanently at Bridgehaven since 1999.  My Great-Great-Grandparents pushed out of SF in 1848 and settled in Sonoma -- next door to General Vallejo. They were granted the Toscano hotel which they ran as a hardware store. The next stop was Santa Rosa, but my great-grandfather wanted a retreat, so he and a partner found this beautiful slice of the river.  On my travels, I always thought of Bridgehaven and Jenner as home and always wanted to return.  I am glad to be back home.  I believe in community service, and Jenner is a great way to contribute.  There is always something that can be done. I am often not visible at events, but I am nearby.

Elinor TwohyHistorian - Counting seals every day at Goat Rock Beach. Founding member since 1958.