Jenner Community Center

Message from the President Cal Ares

 I am Cal Ares current president.  The club is really all about our community center building located conveniently behind the gas station.  Here we celebrate all the comings and goings, the birthdays, weddings, the passing of a community member.  The club has hosted many a world class pot luck celebrating the holidays, such as the one coming up on Nov. 1st honoring the day of the dead and Halloween.  I am particularly excited about going to work, to spiff up our community center.  We have plans for more windows, insulation, refinishing the floor, better air circulation, etc etc.  Anyone who has any time to help out please contact me.  Well that's about it for this month, stay well everyone. You can email the board and let us know what great ideas you have or how you can help.


Calvin Ares - President
Don Paul - Vice President
Sue Sprowl - Treasurer
Michelle Irwin - Recording Secretary
Elinor Twohy - Correspondence Secretary

James Inciardi - Member-at-Large
Jaime O'Bryan - Member-at-Large
Ken Sund - Member-at-Large

board members

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